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Volunteer Opportunities

Interested in volunteering at Jaycee’s Horses for Healing? We will have plenty of opportunities for anyone looking to donate their time and talent.


For hands-on interaction and physical exercise you might want to be a…


The primary responsibility of a sidewalker is to maintain constant safety awareness, while providing physical and motivational support to the rider.

Qualifications for Sidewalker:

  • Must be able to walk briskly in sand for 20 minutes
  • Jog intermittently for short periods of time while horse is trotting
  • Attend volunteer training and be committed for your time slot assignment.


If you have experience with horses you might want to be a…

Horse Leader

The main responsibility of the leader is to control the horse during grooming and the lesson. It is the leader who must help in guiding, stopping and starting without making the rider feel that they are simply a passenger.

Qualifications for Horse Leader:

  • Must have attended Volunteer Training
  • Must have experience with horses and be approved by the Barn Manager
  • Attend hands-on training and be responsible for continued training as needed
  • Should be able to walk at a fast pace and jog intermittently during the lesson


If you like barn chores you might want to be a…

Barn Buddy

The main responsibility of the barn buddy is to support the barn staff during feeding times. It is the barn buddy who assists with feeding our equine therapists, cleans their stalls and assists barn staff with caring for the horses.

Qualifications for Barn Buddy:

  • Must have attended Volunteer Training
  • Must have attended a hands on barn buddy training and be approved by the Barn Manager

Ranch Hand

You will work on special projects for general maintenance purposes.

Qualifications for Ranch Hands:

  • Attend one volunteer training session.

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